We humans are trying to brave a new frontier. Diversity.

We are trying to create a world where everyone is happy, everywhere. But someone needs to speak the truth. That is not possible. All humans do not have the same ideals or even morals. That’s part of what makes humanity great.

We are blessed to live on a planet where even the places with the most extreme conditions are beautiful. We should use that to our advantage.

Today I’m here to tell you about a world where we base diversity on location rather than creating an average of everyone’s ideals everywhere.

If there were open borders everywhere but people lived truly different lives in different countries, I think that’s the only way to please everyone.

What’s wrong with a communist country, what’s wrong with a capitalist country, a religious country, an atheist country? A Libertarian country, a socialists country? And so forth?

Take the European Union for example. What made the union such a beautiful idea was different people with different cultures and ideals working together.

Instead today you’ll find the EU is a fascist overlord forcing all countries to conform to one ideal. It’s truly a tragedy.

Scientific Literacy Matters was founded by two people, one a libertarian capitalist, the other a socialist borderline Marxist. Both of their minds quite set on their view of the world.

And guess what, we could get along to strive towards a common goal. That goal being a world citizenry that is fully aware of how the world around them works. So why can’t you get along with people who have radically different ideals from your own?

When criticizing our country, whatever country that may be, we are often faced with the rebuttal “why don’t you move away then?”.

And that’s exactly my point, no matter what your ideals are they should have a place where they are valid. In the world of today, and certainly in the world of tomorrow; those with differing opinions have no place to go.

That’s why I’m literally saying, let there be communists, let there be nazis, let there be LBTQ, religious extremists or whatever group of people you currently may feel hate for. Let them live that “awful” way somewhere else.

That way we can indeed just move somewhere else. No need for war, concentration camps, or propaganda.

The great Carl Sagan once said there are no borders visible from space. But humanity has put more energy into creating borders than probably anything else in history. The borders have remained roughly the same for the entirety of my lifetime. Let’s put them to good use. Earth is big enough for everyone, let’s live diversely, with the option of choice.

It’s the only way I see that we can end oppression, world conflicts, and in the end the unhappiness of humankind.

If a democratic nation does decide for example that one type of people should not be welcome to live there because of something as trivial as skin color or religion.

For both sides sakes, why would that oppressed minority want to live there if there’s a great number of alternatives for them? Why should that country be forced to get along with people their small minds cannot accept? The only exception is that there should be freedom of movement, at least as tourists, every human should have right to visit every corner of this planet that we all do have equal right to.

But as was the point of the European Union to begin with:

Live and let live, somewhere else. Everywhere should not be the same. Every ideal should have a country, we certainly have the space for it. And I’m certain that if everyone thought this way these truly diverse countries would evolve like that on their own.