This is basically a guideline on how to not seem like a douche while still making it clear you’re in the right.

Combine this with how to avoid cognitive biases and you’re golden. Always cites sources when you can!

What made me notice this particular post however was not the graphic but the caption:

When debating, it’s important to stick to facts and be polite. While being snarky is fun, there’s a time and place for it, and delving into personal insults does little to further science and critical thinking.

When I debate someone, my goal isn’t to convince them I’m right, because I most likely won’t. Instead, the goal is to convince the person who is *not* commenting on the thread, who is undecided and still forming their opinion. THAT is the person you need to be trying to convince you’re right. THAT is the person you have the chance to have a positive impact on.

Keep that in mind, you might not actually win any debate, but providing a correct view on a subject can have an impact none the less.