The following is a mission statement for the non-profit organisation “Scientific Literacy Matters”. Here will be outlined the purpose and goals of the organisation.

Please note that the following is still a work in progress and changes may occur at any time.

Mission and funding

The purpose of Scientific Literacy Matters is to promote scientific literacy and general knowledge globally.

Funds received through donations, grants, sales, and advertisement will exclusively be used to support our goals. This includes but is not limited to funding  write in campaigns, petitions, staff and operational costs, webspace.

Our stance

We stand for a more educated general public. Our philosophy is that a public with a basic knowledge of how our world works will result in a more equal society focused on scientific and technological advancement.

More specifically we want to promote the general public’s knowledge about basic science as well as philosophical understanding of how the universe works.

We believe that many advantages come with a scientifically literate society. People will be less likely to fall for scammers and charlatans, people will make life choices and vote with more consideration for consequences.

We intend to do this by any means we can. This may include but is not limited to; petitions, book donations, lectures, seminars and speeches, as well as joining or organizing protests that are of relevance.

Another aspect of our mission is to bridge the gap between scientists and laymen. To make people understand that science is just a tool that we use to understand the universe, rather than a form of magic.

We aim to bring scientists and laymen together by providing a platform for expression for people working in fields of science and ordinary citizens.