Twitter says it’s working on bringing its “read the article before you retweet it” prompt to all users “soon.” The company began testing the prompt in June, which shows up when people go to retweet a story they haven’t clicked through to actually read.

Twitter says its inspiration is to “help advance educated conversation.” Headlines regularly don’t recount to the entire story and can even be effectively deceptive. Urging individuals to at any rate peruse the article they’re sharing appears to be a savvy approach to advance media education and stop a portion of the automatic responses that can make deception viral.

Twitter says it’s now “working on bringing these prompts to everyone globally soon” and that in the future, the prompt will be smaller once it’s been shown to users once (“because we get that you get it”). This isn’t the only feature Twitter’s been testing to improve life on its platform. Others include a feature that warns users before they send offensive replies and the option to limit who replies to tweets (which has now been rolled out globally).