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The Pale Blue Dot

The pale blue dot. It’s what astronomer Carl Sagan called our home planet when he viewed it from the furthest vantage point a picture of Earth was ever taken. It’s also a beautiful speech, which many agree that everyone should listen very carefully to. The speech brings about a feeling that our problems might not […]

Wise Words By Carl Sagan About Scientific Literacy

Wise Words By Carl Sagan About Scientific Literacy

Carl Sagan the astronomer known for being probably the worlds best science popularizer had as you might expect quite a lot to say about the issue of scientific literacy. In fact the book Demon Haunted World is almost exclusively about scientific literacy and the issue of pseudoscience and why we believe in it. I have […]

It is well within our power to destroy our civilisation

Carl Sagan explains the immensity of space and time and the importance of the decisions we make now. Our choices as a species right now is what will decide whether we can colonize space, and survive beyond the lifteime of our planet, and the sun. That’s why scientific literacy is so important. We are all […]