Beavis Saves


Atheism to man made religions is not something that we can categorize as unprovable. See, we atheists aren’t the ones making outlandish claims about the universe lacking evidence and reason, that belongs to religion.

So with all due respect, I disagree with religious people on a lot of things. Agnosticism is truly the more reasonable approach in the grand scheme from atheism to theism.


“We don’t know if a god exists, but we do know that it won’t be a god that you’ve heard of from religion nor anything polytheistic like the greeks either. We are simply atheists to the religious and mythical gods. Most scientists and atheists really are just atheists to things that don’t have evidence, we are skeptical. I strongly hope this reaches you without any disrespect to the believers out there. .”


I am usually the atheist to go off on people for sounding silly to me. But I’ve realized I want to teach people what we are really like and how we think because we think…….. we think the most clearly. Once you surpass the religious dogma of the world, the rest of the universe becomes simultaneously more beautiful as well as mystifying and encompassing.

I like Dawkins, view God as a Scientific Question. Please do remember that Theories and Hypothesis have a difference. Please don’t forget that there is a massive difference in definition between a regular theory and a scientific theory.


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