Image: Johny Krahbichler,

Sci-Fi writers have convinced us that space creatures probably look somewhat like us, howbeit with a green complexion. But thinking ET’s are human-like is conceitedly anthropocentric to say the least. Not only is it quite possible that ET’s look nothing like us, but their metabolism might be based, not on carbon biochemistry like ours, but possibly on some other element such as silicon. And their sensory perception might really be different from our own. They might be able to perhaps see in infra-red or in x-Rays, instead of in visible light.
Yes, an open mind, that welcomes diversity, is the only way to go when it comes to conceptualizing aliens. Just look at the wide range of differences in plants and animals right here on earth…from bacteria to jelly fish to primates.
Then consider our human evolution. It only began some 3.4 billion years ago and look how far we’ve advanced technologically, most of that advancement having occurred in the last 2 centuries. What if alien civilizations began their evolution many BILLIONS of years ago! How much more advanced would they be compared to us? Probably advanced enough to have mastered interstellar space travel and time dilation. Maybe we are to them as ants or earth worms are to us. Now that’s a humbling thought for sure!!