When I was a student in 1st grade I avidly read 20-page books about very typical young kid things like football teams. But when I stumbled upon detailed scientific picture books, I found myself checking out the books about volcanoes and tornadoes and hurricanes and dinosaurs too.

These things had me interested in learning about the world and hoping that I never experienced any of them. I remember one book, in particular, about earthquakes that mentioned those that happened in the United States. This terrified me, but I wanted to try to understand this natural phenomenon anyway.
If it were not for the school library I wouldn’t be who I am today. And now that I’m older I realize that even at that age I was an explorer and that I loved animals and nature. I didn’t understand biology then (if I’m completely honest, I do not remember taking any biology classes before 6th grade) but my interest in the subject has advanced my knowledge considerably as I’ve gotten older.

Now, because of my background, I am inspired to spread the truth and beauty of science and the natural world and human advancements. My message has been the same since day one of my website: Scientific Literacy Matters. But in addition to sharing scientific knowledge, I want to be a real activist for it.
On April 22 and April 29th, there will be marches for science taking place in Washington DC and I am hoping you will help me get there. I want to march for science and for climate change, hand out fliers, get people to know what the reliable sources for science are, and make sure we are helping people understand the information they don’t understand yet. I want to promote the idea that Scientific Literacy Matters is not just about a bunch of nerds being bullied by a bullhorn president.

The facts DO matter. We want to stand for the positive reinforcement of good ideas here at SLM. We need to show up in large numbers to let the president know that climate change is real.

By supporting our message you are showing up with us. We should stand with our scientists, as we stand up for all species on earth and for truth. With your contribution, I will be able to cover basic travel expenses for the marches and we will be able to get shirts and cards with Scientific Literacy Matters printed on them so we can continue to spread the word.

Please also consider becoming a member and a volunteer. Find the tab on our web page at the top!
Thank you for reading. Let’s make sure that there are more explorers to solve the mysteries of the natural universe.

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