Dear President Obama


Dear President Obama, stop confusing the fact that people love pot as if it’s the only logical reason for legalization. There are millions suffering right now nationwide, for a victimless crime. For something that has medicinal value but the government remains willfully ignorant about by having it as a category 1 drug.

You have let down the millennials and they don’t really care. They will like you anyways for your other successes. But for fucks sake sir, do the right thing.
Executive action calling for recreational, and presidential pardons for every non violent marijuana offender. And stand up for secularism! You have not done much in regards to the way Texas runs their creationist bullshit. This is just to hoping this ever goes viral. I said my fucking piece. I’ll continue to support you where we do agree, the importance of our planets environment, our economy and science literacy. Thanks for reading, if you ever do.