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True Diversity Is Location Based

We humans are trying to brave a new frontier. Diversity. We are trying to create a world where everyone is happy, everywhere. But someone needs to speak the truth. That is not possible. All humans do not have the same ideals or even morals. That’s part of what makes humanity great. We are blessed to […]

Statement on Scientific Literacy from a Spaceflight Histo...

Emily Carney has written articles for AmericaSpace, Ars Technica, and other online outlets throughout the last decade. She founded the Space Hipsters group on Facebook in 2011, and has her own spaceflight blog called This Space Available     Scientific literacy is key to developing the critical thinking processes that are essential to fueling future […]

Statement on Scientific Literacy from a Science Teacher

Amber Struthers, a science teacher working in Arizona has agreed to publish a statement on scientific literacy through us. She has a BS in Life Science, and BEd in Secondary Education from Arizona State University. MS in Biology from University of Arizona, MEd in Elementary Education from Arizona State University and a PhD in Education from […]