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True Diversity Is Location Based

We humans are trying to brave a new frontier. Diversity. We are trying to create a world where everyone is happy, everywhere. But someone needs to speak the truth. That is not possible. All humans do not have the same ideals or even morals. That’s part of what makes humanity great. We are blessed to […]

Saving The Environment By Stunting Progress?

It’s really cool how everyone suddenly cares about the environment. What’s not so cool is that many of these people do not care to understand the science of what is required to fix the problem. The move towards a more environmentally friendly society is inherently a move towards a more efficient and advanced society. So […]

How We Got To Where We Are

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When I look around I see poverty, destruction of nature, inequality.  I see a celebration of ignorance and apathy.  I’d like to believe that we Americans are a reasonable species of beings, that we are a people who desire to educate ourselves, to think critically, to be willing to suspend deeply held beliefs that may […]

Robots in workplace ‘could create double the jobs they de...

I’ve been saying this myself for years. One job is replaced by a robot, that requires a whole team to maintain. This means not only that the amount of jobs isn’t going to drastically decrease, but that the jobs that remain are more high end and better paid. Businesses save money replacing workers with robots, […]

Electric Cars Are Actually Terrible for the Environment!

Electric Cars Are Actually Terrible for the Environment!

You have surely seen this headline before. Maybe you read the article, maybe you just sighed and moved on. 

Scientific Literacy Isn’t just Knowing Science Fact...

Carl Sagan quote body of knowledge science way of thinkning

  This post relates a lot to the above quote. When people think of scientific literacy it makes sense that they think it’s general scientific knowledge and understanding. But scientific literacy has to do with things that may be traced back to science, but isn’t technically scientific knowledge. Examples include; understanding how to use technology, […]

Koko – A Tribute to the Gorilla Who Knew Sign Langu...

Koko – A Tribute to the Gorilla Who Knew Sign Language

The worlds coolest gorilla has died (yes even cooler than Harambe). You see this Gorilla could speak with humans using real words. Koko the gorilla was one of the few primates who were taught ASL (American Sign Language), and surely the most famous. She knew over 1000 signs and was capable of complex conversation.

The War on Drugs Is a War on People

The War on Drugs Is a War on People

This an important message from one of the main founders of SLM, Matt Bump, which has had a terrible fate thrust upon him by a combination of unfortunate circumstances and broken policies. Please take a moment to read this and let us know what you think of the issue. The War on Drugs Is a […]

Astronomy As A Tourist Attraction

Astronomy As A Tourist Attraction

I travel a lot, and during my travels I have encountered many places where astronomy is a central part of tourism. Especially in the United States, in almost every state you can visit at least one observatory.   Public observatories like Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, or Lowell observatory in Flagstaff dedicate themselves to being […]

Why We Founded Scientific Literacy Matters

Why We Founded Scientific Literacy Matters

In short we founded SLM (Scientific Literacy Matters) to promote a more reasonable way of thinking in society. It’s been shown time, and time again, that most things ailing humanity comes from ignorance or misinformation. War, poverty, oppression; all things that stem from misconceptions.