I would support personal proof if it was also Universal. Universal evidence that is bound to the scientific method. Because in a way, you can personally witness proof of any said event or objective fact. It’s best understood when peer reviewed or under the scrutiny or viewing of another human being, several. Lots of people are needed to find consistent proof and to scrutinize every suggestion made about the objective universe. We need you. Even if you have this epiphany you need to question it. The universe isn’t gifting you with these moments of clarity. We often placebo ourselves and then say something pseudoscientific to explain the feeling we get or how it got there. Don’t you want to share what knowledge you have with the world anyways? The only personal proof I like is if it’s something we can all do/practice/see repeatedly. I’m beginning to fall in love with Mathematics again myself because I realize that the universe is a huge equation. String Theory is also brutally intense. Perhaps that is why people prefer religion. Simple minds for simple kinds. Think critically, because Scientific Literacy Matters, and that’s a huge step towards our goal. Thanks for reading and please share this post with your friends.

Shout out to my biggest inspirers, Carl Sagan and Neil Degrasse Tyson. You guys ROCK the cosmos!