The Universe does not have a plan for you, in the sense that you might wish it would. Chemically it does, mathematically it does, with theories rigorously tested and confirmed over and over, we have unlocked some secrets.We know things we were never evolved to understand. It’s as if we can see the outline of an image, we must illuminate and educate ourselves with the rest of the Universal knowledge to see the big picture, as well as if there is something beyond that picture. Multiverse theories are what really get my mind going at night. If we want to learn we can’t just assume, and then do none of the work. This is another plea against pseudoscience and overall bad philosophy.



If you sit around with a goal in mind, and assume the universe will present you with a chance you will not get anywhere. I urge you strongly to discover more about your own convictions. Whether you think black cats are bad luck, or if you think that you are a psychic. Please, if you can’t even guess who is calling you or why, you need to stop lying to yourself and your guests. We currently live in a world where the spiritual realm takes the precedent and our natural global environment is taking the brunt of the damage. Do you think there should be a class against pseudoscience to help equip the mind? I want to live in a world where we equip the minds to fight against bullshit reasoning and to stand up and take aim against the issues facing our entire existence, as well as nature’s.