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I can’t help myself, the one thing as a man of science that I can’t stand is when people say and act like humans are not animals. 

WE ARE ANIMALS. I will always make that point. 

We are not special, and that’s where that wannabe differentiation comes from. 


Have you seen a video of humans treating other animals with complete disregard for their pain and suffering? I have. But that doesn’t change anything. We are still animals as they are. 

This is not meant to justify anything I have seen or what you have seen. If you want to say that our behavior is sadistic, then just say so. 

If anything, we are the type of animal that basks in another animals suffering for our entertainment. I could agree that it is barbaric. I will leave it at that. 

Perhaps we might not even be alone in this regard. I think we take nature’s intelligence for granted because we simply can’t understand it yet.

What’s your opinion on this?