This has been a crazy year and I’m not sure how it will end. I have a deep foreboding that our planet and the many species inhabiting it are going to start disappearing more rapidly than they already are.

NASA has gone on record to say that they are trying to convince Donald J. Trump that climate change is real. And in return he has made statements that insist they politicize science. He insists that their funding should be cut. This could be potentially dangerous because of all the vigilance NASA has practiced in their time studying not just space but our planet and climate. They are hoping that he will back pedal even more on his past statements that climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese government to kill American businesses.

As it turns out, NASA has some leverage on him; while Trump was campaigning for the Republican ticket, he was in the news for applying for a permit to build a wall around his golf course in Ireland…for damage due to rising sea levels. In other words, climate! And recently insisted that some of climate change could be due to human activity. Good luck playing that one off at the podium, Donnie.

The mainstream media cannot let this fall into the shadows any longer. Humanity, wait no….all life on this planet can’t afford not to hold him accountable. Personally, I think that scientific literacy should be required for anyone running for an office like the President of the United States. But this isn’t merely because it worries me that he shows a lack of scientific knowledge or even that his views on climate change are offensive to millions of good and decent people around the world. It’s because we really need to do something about climate change and we need to do it as soon as possible.

If Donald Trump truly wants to “drain the swamp” of political insiders and lobbyists, then the first, most important step he can take is confronting the fossil fuel industry. He can stand with the vast majority of Americans, and with the scientific community worldwide, and show at least a 1 % measure of decency and intelligence. Most of our electricity is produced with coal and other fossil fuels. He can stand with us and make the bold statement that we are going to leave this planet in better shape than it was than when we first realized what harm we’d done.

Help me spread this message. Let’s hold the media and the next President responsible for their actions. Let’s see if Donald Trump has the courage to back his convictions, not merely when his own property is at stake, but when the lives of millions of people are. Trump’s statement that “climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese” is in fact an incredible irony; China is now outpacing America in green energy production in both the solar and wind power industries. Let’s insist that President Trump recognize the reality of climate change and act accordingly. Let’s do this! Are you with us?