This is a friendly reminder that we still need to stand up for science! We attended the March for Science in Washington DC (read our coverage). It was a good way to bring the public’s eyes towards the issues that threaten to undermine science.

On August 22nd 6 months will have passed since the march for science.

But we must keep going! Because the threats are still the same.

During and before the march the hashtag #StandUpForScience went viral.

There have also been Stand up for Science rallies which had pretty great turnouts as well.

With this campaign we are attempting to bring back #StandUpForScience, even if it is just for a day. Sign up for our Thunderclap campaign and you will join us in saying that you still stand up for science!

The Thunderclap campaign posts a message to your social media account of choice on the 22nd of September.

Super easy way to help spread a small bit of science awareness. Let’s not let the newfound public passion for science fizzle out.

You can join here:

Thank you for your support!

After the campaign we will report back here on how it went.

If you wish to help us promote scientific literacy further you can consider becoming a member:


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