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How We Got To Where We Are

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When I look around I see poverty, destruction of nature, inequality.  I see a celebration of ignorance and apathy.  I’d like to believe that we Americans are a reasonable species of beings, that we are a people who desire to educate ourselves, to think critically, to be willing to suspend deeply held beliefs that may […]

The War on Drugs Is a War on People

The War on Drugs Is a War on People

This an important message from one of the main founders of SLM, Matt Bump, which has had a terrible fate thrust upon him by a combination of unfortunate circumstances and broken policies. Please take a moment to read this and let us know what you think of the issue. The War on Drugs Is a […]

Wise Words By Carl Sagan About Scientific Literacy

Wise Words By Carl Sagan About Scientific Literacy

Carl Sagan the astronomer known for being probably the worlds best science popularizer had as you might expect quite a lot to say about the issue of scientific literacy. In fact the book Demon Haunted World is almost exclusively about scientific literacy and the issue of pseudoscience and why we believe in it. I have […]

Scientific literacy required to be a politician.

Today I come bearing the thoughts of others in our species’ short history such as Carl Sagan and Neil Degrasse Tyson. If the people making decisions for us are not scientifically literate who is going to care enough to make sure the whole public is scientifically literate? In this case do we really think Ted […]

Welcome to Scientific Literacy Matters

Scientific Literacy Matters (SLM) is a non profit organization that works to promote scientific literacy in society with the long term goal of creating a better world.


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