Today I come bearing the thoughts of others in our species’ short history such as Carl Sagan and Neil Degrasse Tyson.

If the people making decisions for us are not scientifically literate who is going to care enough to make sure the whole public is scientifically literate?


In this case do we really think Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, or Rand Paul really care about education in our country? They all claim to be for small government and less taxes and that they will be job creators by lowering taxes for the industries and the rich even though they’re just feeding into a handful of personal greed of their own and using them for photo ops while millions suffer in their states and districts.

Albeit it could be worse, I mean Rick Perry could be running again and he was just suspected of a huge violation of power so that’s a different story. Or is it?
Considering Walker has been plagued by criminal investigations his entire political career in Wisconsin. I think smarter people are better people for everyone, and we should do our part to elect someone scientifically literate in the meantime.

But we need to establish a movement as atheists, agnostics, science lovers, humanists, that demands that in order to be a succesful politician you must be scientifically literate.


This is a secondary option but I support mental wellness checks for any ex-military who served overseas that want to run, because I know the wars have fucked with a lot of people and I just want to make sure we aren’t going to have another John Mccain run for office.

We have made a lot of political posts lately but for the sake of getting our voice out there and hoping others believe the same things we do. Thanks for reading and sharing. Keep looking up.