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How We Got To Where We Are

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When I look around I see poverty, destruction of nature, inequality.  I see a celebration of ignorance and apathy.  I’d like to believe that we Americans are a reasonable species of beings, that we are a people who desire to educate ourselves, to think critically, to be willing to suspend deeply held beliefs that may […]

Why We are Marching For Science, An Unfortunately Necessa...

Why We are Marching For Science, An Unfortunately Necessary Clarification (Updated)

Updated with new information 17/04-2017 On April the 22nd we will be sending a representative to Washington DC to march for science. The point is to let the new government know that we will not stand for scientific censorship, and to bring public awareness to scientific issues. Scientific Literacy Matters is very serious about equality […]

Donald Trump & Climate Change

Donald Trump & Climate Change

This has been a crazy year and I’m not sure how it will end. I have a deep foreboding that our planet and the many species inhabiting it are going to start disappearing more rapidly than they already are. NASA has gone on record to say that they are trying to convince Donald J. Trump […]