scott walker

Scott Walker was my county executive in Milwaukee. I saw schools go to complete shit under his guidance and I agree fully with all the smart people in this nation. Kick him out of office.

I saw the bus prices rise consistently, I saw less lines exist. I saw horrible things. The guy is a fucking nightmare for america waiting to happen. I say this to my friends nationwide.

Please use your brains. Republicans can’t possibly be this illogical that they would elect this man…. well that’s what I said for the last 3 times this asshole has had to run for his office. He somehow had the backing of republicans and a majority of my state somehow.

Through every single failed policy, to him fucking over the natives by postponing the casino decision to avoid controversy. (Look that one up for yourself please, be enlightened.) He talks about bringing industry back and he goes around for photo ops around the state acting like he is responsible for it. I’m torn between two thoughts,

1. Does he really think we’re this stupid? That we’ll fall for it, and he will coast to another HUGE election?

2. Woah, wait a minute we really are this stupid? Because this idiot has won 3 elections in like 6 years.

He’s the only Governor in my state to ever be recalled. There is a huge gap between where we as a state and nation want and need to go and at which point in the 1950’s he wants to take us back to.

Just how far back do you want to go America? Ladies and gentlemen of Wisconsin, and of the United States abroad. Do not vote for this asshole. I don’t care what your religion or political stance is, you are simply hurting everyone. This man failed his economic goals and doesn’t have a college degree. We here at Science Literacy Matters believe that every politician making decisions for the people and by the people, must be scientifically literate to maintain the wellbeing of my nation and help make better decisions for our world and safety of all of it’s inhabitants.


I can’t even begin to tell you what he is doing to the schools in our state, and to the most important in the world – Educators.

He fell VERY short on his jobs goal and got re-elected. He says that is evidence of Wisconsin seeing successful things happen gradually. The foundation for a better future. He still hasn’t reached his jobs goal and we are well into his 2nd term. We lag every other state in the midwest in job growth. From what I can tell he is not very woman friendly, particularly not on the liberal side due to his religion and conservative principles that consist of him talking to the Koch brothers and riding their jock for a 2nd and 3rd breakfast.

With kind regards, vote independent or democrat, or do not vote at all. You also have the right not to elect anyone especially if all that you’re being offered is 2 morons that still don’t represent you in the slightest which is why I said vote independent… It’s not a waste. That’s your decision. Remember Scott Walker also chose to not answer whether evolution is true or not. He acts like a religious lawmaker and doesn’t understand what secularism means. We do not need a Theocracy in the United States.

Millennials, we are counting on you to get out there and vote in every election… Start giving a shit.

He also balked on proposals of legalizing marijuana while holding open conversation debates about the science and safety of proposals. He said he doesn’t see it happening anytime soon. Well, I mean he’s already holding back the state in many ways, one more doesn’t hurt (still hurts us though). The fact that people like this man get elected nowadays seems to be a sign of a major education problem of the public. Remember to keep looking up! Keep reading and thinking critically.

Editors note: It’s an awful shame, and it hurts for the intelligent of us to watch, but people in general don’t vote for the best options. They vote for the best face, or simply side with the party that their friends and family do. It’s an enormous problem in today’s society, I see no solution besides education. 
No American actually votes with the intention to destroy their own country, they simply don’t know any better.



A full-page ad ran in the Wisconsin State Journal Tuesday pulling Gov. Walker into the debate over a recent decision to bar workers on a state board from talking about and working on items related to climate change.

A full-page ad ran in the Wisconsin State Journal Tuesday pulling Gov. Walker into the debate over a recent decision to bar workers on a state board from talking about and working on items related to climate change.