This is the first part of a weekly update that will highlight silly and pseudo-scientific things that humans tend do do without really thinking about it.



We live in a world where….

Primates dress other primates in other species remains..

Where people are freaked out by genitalia..

Where persecuted people are blamed for wanting an equal chance to thrive..

These are global problems. I live in a nation where people go to Chinese restaurants and get a “fortune cookie” read it and then actually believe whatever it says as if it is about them.

These Americans think this is something that Chinese people do in China. So forgive me world, for focusing politically on my own backyard for the next few paragraphs. I look at Europe and I see lots of hope for them in the technology and science fields.

I am best at diagnosing pseudoscience and it’s flaws when compared to evidence. This is why science is a tool to many when making important health decisions or business decisions.

I plan on pointing out stupid things that I notice to be superstition that Americans practice their ignorant repetition to.